Storytelling Reflection Gilmore

I chose Criminal because it was the shortest listen. Come on now, we’re all busy. My wife and mother-in-law listen to audio books, I’ve never done so. Assuming this is what an audio book sounds like, the interview format didn’t work for me. The interview format made me think of a broadcast documentary. It could have very well been a broadcast news package on Crime TV.

I thought the production quality and sound was good.  I didn’t see any issue with the music selection.  The audio engineering was strong. I struggled to follow the story, but not because of any audio issues. The back and forth story structure was hard for me to follow from time to time; however, it reminding me of a reporting putting together a broadcast package. Like Ira Glass mentioned about the antidote bringing momentum to any story, I was anticipating the resolution, just felt a little confused along the way.

The writing where they talked about getting the city key out to open a door and the city key was a sledge hammer was most memorable to me.

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