“129 Cars” Critique – Calvin

I really enjoyed this story. It’s an interesting subject to me, and they made it more interesting by revolving the story around this goal, the 129 cars.

This isn’t just what a day’s like at a car dealership, which would still be somewhat interesting. It’s what a day’s like at a car dealership when they absolutely have to meet this quota for the month, and they’re nowhere near it with only two days left.

That’s what made this story captivating, and I found myself rooting for them to make it. I wasn’t rooting for the dealership but for the individual salespeople. The story made it personal, made the salespeople seem like people and made you care about them (except for maybe Manny, although he was definitely an interesting character).

I think that was a nice accomplishment considering how poorly we generally view car dealerships and salespeople. And the story did it despite showing some of the underhanded tactics they use. But you can understand why they do it because they’re struggling to meet this number that they’ve been given. They’re just trying to make it through.

The production quality was very good. The people from the dealerships and the voice overs sound like they’re right next to you. It all sounds professionally done, which it is. I will say there were times when I had a hard time figuring out which person was talking. Some of their voices blended together in my head.

The music was hit or miss. I liked the style of music, and I thought it was fine for the theme. At times it it was used to really add to the feeling of the moment, but at other times it didn’t really fit what was going on.

The most memorable moment for me was the end, when they had the count wrong again, but thanks to Bob, the “worst” salesman, they met the goal.

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