The Ghosts and Monsters of Alabama

Tuscaloosa and Anniston.

These two towns have far more in common than simply sharing the same outdated state constitution.

Tuscaloosa, while perhaps better known for its University and football fever, has a dark and shady past where the once brightest and grandest structures stood.

Anniston, a military town with an F-4 Phantom, couldn’t protect its citizens from a creature so terrifying that the residents denied its very existence.

We searched high and wide for anyone who had encountered the Choccolocco Monster, but even the most talkative of Anniston natives, such as Gail of Hyundai Automotive, shooed us out of the dealership faster than we could say “Chocco”.

In fact, no member of the Anniston or Oxford communities would go on record about the Choccolocco Monster.

They were afraid.

But in Tuscaloosa, Ian, who holds the secrets of the Jemison Mansion and Drish House, among other antebellum antiquities, was not afraid to speak about the true horrors in Alabama.

He laughed in the face of fear. Repeatedly.

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