It’s a bull. It’s Big Foot. No. It’s the Choccolocco Monster!

Welcome to Choccolocco. Population: 2,000. Our adventure began with a 15 minute ride down to the wonderful community of Choccolocco. Once we made it, we drove past the Choccolooco Museum where we were hoping to get some good information on the history behind the monster, but, of course it wasn’t open. So we walked next door to the local post office and met Kim. She was extremely nice and tried to help us out as much as she possibly could, although she didn’t know much about the monster or the story behind the myth. We asked for directions to the creek, but all of those right turns, left turns, and bridge crossing got a little confusing. Instead of searching for the creek, we wandered on down the road where we met Mr. Ervin.
Mr. Ervin was outside cutting his grass, so Kirsten and I pulled over on the side of the road and walked up to his house. He kindly turned off the mower to listen to what we had so say. He too didn’t know much about the monster. He told us repeatedly how it was a “hoax,” and laughed at the fact that we were out looking for the monster. Since he didn’t have much to say, he directed us to his wife, Mrs. Ervin.
She was just as nice, telling us a little history behind the monster and the town of Choccolocco. She explained how it was a man dressed as Big Foot attempting to scare the people of the town. After we felt as though we got enough facts from Mrs. Ervin, we headed back to the car, but along the way, we saw a man standing out in his yard, so we decided that we would ask him a few questions about the monster as well.
David Johnson has lived in Choccolocco all his life, but he doesn’t know much about the monster. He gave us some funny stories, and once he heard we were grad students at UA, he changed the subject to Alabama football (Roll Tide!). He was definitely a character.
There weren’t many people out and about, so we decided to head on over to the local gas station and liquor store to see what else we could find. That’s where we met Patrick, and he had plenty of information on the monster, although he never had a personal experience with it. Of course, he had a completely different story. Mr. Ervin said it was a bull. Mrs. Ervin said it was Big Foot. David Johnson had no idea. And Patrick said it was a man dressed in a white sheet with horns on his head. Funny how everyone has a different story.
The trip to Anniston was definitely an experience. Can’t wait to see what the summer has in store for us.

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